10 Animals That Stand Out From The Crowd

Nature has given animals a wide variety of distinctive colorings that we can all immediately recognize. Many of these colors and patterns have become iconic in their own right and have even influenced human fashion and design. However, nature being nature, it occasionally throws us a surprise. Rare conditions have given these animals colors which make them stand out from the crowd in the most beautiful ways.
1. The Brown Panda
Unexpected Animal Colors

Pandas have one of the most famous and distinctive colored coats in the animal kingdom, and it’s one that has enchanted humans for centuries. However, it isn’t always black and white in the panda world. In one remote region of China, lives a small number of special pandas with brown fur. It is believed that the color of their coat has come from a combination of diet and generations of genetic mutations. Brown pandas are very rarely spotted in the wild unfortunately, although there are examples in captivity.

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